Calhoun Aids National Defense in 1941


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 7/31/1941.

Aluminum Drive is Highly Productive

When Mayor Arlen G. Burns starts out to do something, whether it is a job for Cabot, a project for the betterment of the town, something for the church or charity, he goes about it just like those old-time baseball players of Hog Knob and Enon used to romp over us town slickers.

His latest success was the conducting of the drive for discarded aluminum for defense purposes.  He erected a bull-pen at the intersection of Main and Court streets and started the local Boy Scout troop out searching for the metal which is of vital importance to the defense program.

They picked themselves up 574 pounds in the week alloted, which was carted away by a state road commission truck to Spencer Monday.

That 574 lbs., of precious metal might save the life of one Calhoun county boy!

Mayor Burns suggested that from now on all metal should be saved for future drives.  In Nazidom nothing is wasted.  One does not have to be a pessimist to think that this war is going to be a long drawn out business.  We ought to gather all our resources from tin cans upward and save everything that can be used in any way.

Sheriff Ivan Umstead was in charge of the collection of aluminum from various points in the county.  The results of his drive will be published as facts can be gathered.