Grantsville Experiences Water Shortage in 1931


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 5/7/1931.

Grantsville to Vote on Additional Water Bonds

Voters of the town of Grantsville will be given a chance on Tuesday, June 2nd, to vote additional waterworks bonds for the purpose of installing additional equipment and securing a good supply of water for citizens of the town. The election for bond purposes will be held on the above mentioned date along with the regular election when a new council will be elected.

There is no disputing the need of the town for an additional water supply.  During the past week water has been available to residents living in the lower levels and that a very poor supply.  On the upper heights there has been scarcely any water.

Since the original installation of the plant, water has been supplied from wells, but last summer's drought ruined the supply, although additional wells were driven in the hope of finding new veins.  It may be that it will be necessary to install a filtration system for the purpose of purifying water from the Little Kanawha river.  The decision as to what kind of a system will be installed will rest with the new council that will be elected June 2nd.

At the meeting of the council Monday night only one ticket to be voted on at the June election was filed with the council.  It is composed as follows:  For Mayor, Jerome A. Francis; for Recorder, Miss Ola Betts; for Council, Tell McDonald, J.S.Cornell, Louis E. Ayers, F.F. McCoy and R.L. Hamilton.

The council will hold a special meeting on May 14th for the purpose of receiving other nominations for the election.  Tickets may be filed up until that latter named date.