County to get Full Time Health Nurse in 1931


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 5/21/1931.

Full Time Heath Service for County

At a meeting of the County Court, Saturday, an order was entered by the Court which we believe will be of more use and of greater importance to the people of this county than anything which the Court has ever done for the people.  It was ordered that a nurse, to be selected and furnished by the Red Cross National Organization, be employed, such nurse to give full time and all her attention to the needs of the people all over the county.  The services of the nurse are to be paid for as follows:  She shall receive a salary of $1800.00 and her expenses, which expenses , which expenses can not exceed $1200.00 and will probably not exceed $1000.00; of this amount $1800.00 is paid by the State Health Department; another $300.00 has been assumed by the local Red Cross organization here; this leaves only $900.00 at the most, probably only $700.00 to be paid out of the monies belonging to the county; a part of this will be saved by the doing away with the County Health Physician, who under the present law would have been paid $300.00 and his expenses, which would probably amount to $200.00, but who would only be able to give a small part of his time to such work; so that the total extra expense to the county will be from $200.00 to $400.00.

The nurse will travel around all over the county, visit all the schools, administer typhoid, small pox and diptheria immunizations to all school children whose parents desire such, and to all persons unable to pay for same regardless of age; will also when requested visit expectant mothers, advise with and instruct them; advise and instruct all mothers and families in the county; and in general give all such advice and instructions as would ordinarily be given by the family physician when visiting patients; all of course without any charge.

This service will extend to all the people all over the county without respect to their location, position in life, means, conditions, or anything else; the poorest person will receive just the same attention as the largest tax payer.

The people of all the counties surrounding Calhoun who have the services of such a nurse, are enthusiastic in their praise of the system, and say that it has been productive of more practical good to their better living than anything else the government has been able to present them.'

In addition to the above, the State Health Department of this state is furnishing all the salary and expenses of this nurse for the month of June.

The liberal offers of the State Health Department and Red Cross have so reduced the expenses that there will be no special levy of any kind, or any increase in any general levy, necessary in order to carry out this work.

We believe that the members of the County Court are to be greatly praised for their efforts in furnishing this service to the people of the county and that the people are to be congratulated in thus obtaining with practically no expense to them the benefit of one of the greatest modern ideas in the prevention of sickness and care for health and life, especially of the children.