Wedded Bliss Elusive for Local Couple in 1901


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 9/24/1901.

Cupid Causes Trouble

The course of true love never did run smoothly, as the following incident illustrates.

George A. Monroe met, wooed and won a lady - Barbara Ellen Beall by name - the eldest daughter of Joshua Beall.  So far, all was well; but alas!  Barbara Ellen was only fourteen years of age, two years under the statutory age for tasting hymeneial bliss.  But that was not all,: stern Joshua objected to his daughter marrying the aforesaid Geo. A., had she been of lawful age.  But "love laughs at locksmiths: and other little difficulties, and the two happy lovers found a way out.  She visited some of her relatives on Leading creek, and while there their plans were carried into execution.  A certificate from the lady's parents to the clerk, granting their permission for the issueing of the proper permit and stating that Barbara Ellen was of marriagable age, was prepared, and somehow or other, stern Joshua's name appeared on it.  A minister was soon found who pronounced the mystic words which made them one, and they then tho't their happiness complete.  But that is just where they were mistaken.  Stern Joshua hearing of the "doin's" complained "upon oath etc." before 'Squire Marshall and a writ was issued commanding S.M. Scott, Constable, to forthwith arrest, etc., the body of the said George A. which was accordingly done, and he was held in prison vile, while his young bride of a day wept in bitter anguish because of stern Joshua's hardness of heart.  When the case was called, he waived examination, and readily gave the necessary bond which allowed him his freedom and the caresses of his fair Barbara Ellen.  And it is hoped that stern Joshua will relent and give to the unhappy couple his choicest blessing before their hopes are shattered by the stern process of the law.