Youth Drowns in LK in 1911


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 6/6/1911.

Earl Betts Drowned

Monday afternoon, at a point on the Little Kanawha  river near the Betts homestead about three miles below Grantsville, Earl Betts, the 16-year-old son the Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Betts was drowned.  He had been working in the field adjoining the river, with Gay Kerby, a boy about his own age and becoming very warm decided to take a plunge in the river to cool off.  The Kerby boy went ahead with his work, and after waiting considerable time for Earl to return went to the edge of the river to look for him.  Finding his clothes on the bank and being unable to get an answer when he called, the Kerby boy at once ran to the house and give the alarm.  He ran from there to Cabots factory, where he told of the tragedy and practically all the workers there ran to the scene of the drowning, where the body was immediately recovered, being found in water not more than four feet deep.

Doctors Morford and Pickering hastened to the scene, in hopes that life was not entirely extinct, but their efforts were unavailing, the body having been in the water more than an hour.

The family of the deceased are almost overcome with grief and the terrible shock of his untimely and tragic death, especially Mrs. Betts, who is almost inconsolable, and they have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community, who knew and loved Earl as a manly, courteous and loving boy.  He will be greatly missed.

Fenton Betts, a brother of the deceased, was working at Akron, Ohio, and Undertaker H. H. Robey, of Spencer, was called to embalm the body, that the funeral might be postponed until Fenton, as well as other relatives could get here.