Opinions Differ on "Smallpox" Diagnosis in 1901


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 7/16/1901.

Smallpox at Arnoldsburg

For the past two or three months there has been more or less talk about smallpox at Arnoldsburg.  During this time several persons have been afflicted with a disease which resembles smallpox.  Dr. Price pronounces the disease smallpox, while Dr. Lowe says it is not.  And the friends and followers of these two physicians therefore differ concerning it.  There is one thing certain about it, and that is by whatever name it is called, it is contageous.  Nothing serious has resulted from it so far, all the patients recovering within a short time.  The County board of health held a meeting, and decided to procure the service of an expert to diagnose the malady; but for some reason no one has yet made a diagnosis of it.  Whatever it might be, we advise our readers to keep out of reach of it, and if it proves to be small pox they will feel much safer by not having come in contact with it.  The patients who are afflicted are under no restrictions whatever, and there have been a great number of exposures.  Two new cases were reported in the family of M.W. Hoskins Saturday.