The 15th annual Melissa Oshoway Easter Egg Hunt draws a record crowd

Kids lined Wayne Underwood Field from one end to the other for the 15th annual Melissa Oshoway Easter Egg Hunt, looking for eggs with tags inside good for bicycles and other prizes.

Every egg was a winner, with lots of gifts and trinkets handed out.

Winners of the bicycles were, Kendra Davis, Lacy Hicks, Nicholas Bush, Emily Williams, Ashleyn Donahew, Maryn Jett, Joseph Marlow, Lexie Gregory, Adam Parsons, Danielle Richards, Taylor Mace and Trenton King.

Some of the winners of other big prizes were Sarah Clark, Bailey Campbell, Shane Boyce, Emily Metz, and Levi Morris.

The Oshoways want to thank Emily Gainer, David Barr - in memory of Garnet Barr and Melissa Oshoway, Marilyn Barr, Carolyn Hathaway and Debbie Siers, Steve and Paula Boggs, Pauline Ferrell, Spencer WalMart, Pettyville WalMart, Melanie Erlewine Henderson - in memory of Garnet Barr and Melissa Oshoway, Billie and Wanda Houchin, Anita Parsons, Millie Arnold and Judge J.D. Beane, Circuit Judge of Wood County.

Also, thanks to the numerous volunteers that helped hide the eggs and give out prizes.

"We could not do this without all the help from the volunteers," said Sue Oshoway.

Kendra Davis (left) and Lacy Hicks (right)

Emily Williams (left) and Ashleyn Donahew (right)

Maryn Jett (left) and little Emily
Metz with Samantha Cason (right)

Lexie Gregory (left) and Sarah Clark (right)

Danielle Richards (left) and Trenton King (right)