Mail Carrier Tangles with Wild Cat in 1911


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/24/1911.

Nat Depue, of Creston, who carries the mail between that place and Grantsville, had a thrilling experience with a huge wild cat or some other animal of a like nature one day last week.  He had been delayed here until late in the afternoon, waiting for the mail sacks which were on the Harry W.; consequently it was dark when he crossed the Annamoriah flats, and he noticed something following him which he took to be a dog, but paid little attention to it until it darted past the horse and ran up a tree that leaned over the road.  From there the cat sprang, landing on the horse's neck clawing and biting fiercely.  It hung on for a considerable distance until Nattie was enabled to kick it off.  The horse became frightened and ran away, but was soon checked up and the game little mail carrier got a light and went back to look for his hat and the mail sacks which he had lost.  Nattie is still carrying the mail but it is a safe bet that he will always try to get across Annamoriah flats before dark.