Accidental Shooting Claims Life in 1921


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 3/24/1921.

Shocking Tragedy at Creston

A deplorable tragedy occurred at Creston on Friday night which resulted in the death of Dorr Stewart, as the result of wounds by his own gun, the accident occurring while a crowd was engaged in serenading a newly wedded couple.

The victim of the tragedy, eighteen years of age, was the son of Dr. and Mrs. D.S. Stewart of Creston.  He with a number of other young people went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pell, who were married on Thursday, for the purpose of giving the couple a noisy serenade.  Young Stewart had a shot gun, and while he was on the steps of the Pell home the gun slipped from his grasp, the hammer striking the edge of the step, discharging the weapon, the entire load striking him alongside his face, tearing away the entire cheek and it is believed at that some of the charge entered his brain.

The Steamer Edith H. was secured and the wounded boy placed aboard with the intention of rushing him through to a Parkersburg hospital, but he succumbed a short distance below Burning Springs and his body was returned to Creston where funeral services were held Sunday.  The young man was popular in his home community and the shocking accident cast a gloom over the entire vicinity.

In addition to his parents the young man is survived by the following brothers and sisters:  Mrs. Bessie Lee, Akron, Ohio; Misses Lurline, at home; and Grace, of Lexington, Ky.; Godfrey, of Portland, Oregon; Clyde, of Clarksburg; Paul and Jennings, at home.