NYA Building Nearly Complete in 1941


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 2/20/1941.

Narrative Report on the Community Center

The following is a brief narrative on the Grantsville community building located approximately one and a quarter miles from Grantsville (Goodrich Plant on Rt. 7), prepared for the national headquarters of the National Youth Administration.

The average number of workers used on this project has been about 85 male youths per day.

The supervision used on this project most of the time consisted of a county supervisor, (illegible) quarry foreman, one timekeeper, one tool room clerk, one shop foreman and one general construction foreman.

The youths on this project receive work experience in the quarrying of stone under skilled supervision.  Next in the line was the setting up of a blacksmith shop for the purpose of making and sharpening stone tools, this shop also being instructed by skilled supervision.

The laying out and setting of grade stakes was done by the youth workers with a civil engineer as instructor.

There has been approximately 700 yards of concrete work put in as footers and floors, all done by NYA youths.

About 75 per cent of all workers on this project have been instructed and have done actual work of cutting and laying stone.

There is about 42 tons of structural steel besides all steel sash windows used in this building.

The plumbing and electric work has been practically completed with about 20 percent of the workers receiving actual experience along these lines.

There has been considerable carpentry work done in form building roof framing and shop construction.  More than 100,000 board feet of lumber has been used in this work with about 50 per cent of all workers participating.

There have been some classes in electric and acetylene welding offered and about 15 per cent of the workers have received instruction.

In connection with this project there has been a auto mechanics shop built 31' x 110' that has been fully equipped with the most modern equipment available.  About 35 per cent of the youths have taken advantage of this excellent trade experience under the guidance of one of the best mechanics available.

Below is a description of the community building:
It is built of native stone, double walls, 20 inches thick.  The walls are finished the same on the inside as out.  The main unit of this building is 176 feet by 93 feet, this is a gymnasium and auditorium with a stage in the rear.  There are balcony seats on 3 sides with a seating capacity of 3,500.  This unit is equipped with three metal fire escapes.  Also in this unit there are showers, locker rooms and toilets.