By Katheryn L Kerby

How well do I remember Bull Wheels. My dad, Lora Stevens, worked those wells on Sycamore for years. Dewey Kerby was the driller & my dad, a tool dresser.

May 17th, 1950, the well on Rush Run caught on fire after they had just dressed a bit & had gone back to drilling when they struck gas. It burned my dad severely.

I took him to the doctor every day for about three months, getting the burns dressed. After that, he was not able to climb a rig so he started doing other chores in the oil field.

He worked for Zeddick Connley, Ray & Bill Busch, Milton Shuck out of N.Y. & maybe, others. After awhile, he had some heart problems. I began going to work with him every day.

I would get my work done at home & then at noon he would pick me up.

I would walk in the spokes of those big engines to get them to turn over so we could start pumping oil.

Lucky the wheel didn't kick backwards or I might have ended up with a broken leg. I'd blow the salt water out of the drips, gauge the oil on top of the tanks, read meters & change the charts.

It was quite an experience for me, but enjoyed being with my dad & being near him if he had gotten sick.