Huge Snake Killed on Sycamore in 1897

Charley Scott came in from Sycamore last Friday with the biggest snake story we have heard. It seems that J.F. McDonald and a crowd of workmen were mowing and came upon a snake about ten inches in diameter and anywhere from 4 to 10 feet in length, just owing to how bad a man was scared when he saw it.

Several hours of time were employed in making snares and an effort made to capture it alive, but on account of his tremendous size it became necessary to secure an army gun and shoot him.

Under the rock another, but not so large, was found, and by skillful management he was taken alive and kept for some time, but he soon began to show signs of discontent and madness, and at a council of war it was decided to kill him also.

Huge Snake Reportedly Killed in 1913

W.M. Hathaway, of this place, who was visiting home folks on Sycamore a few days ago, brings in this snake story with him, and take it from us Bill is a truthful boy.

During the recent high waters Henry Sturm of Sycamore was compelled to move a pile of slabs which he had piled up for wood because the water was about to take it away.

While engaged in moving the pile he found a blacksnake, which was - now listen - six feet in length and four inches across the back, and the best part about it is that Henry killed the snake and has it to prove the story.

Now that is the story just like Bill gave it to us, except that he claimed that the snake was six feet across the back and four inches long, but then he was a little excited.

Huge Snake Sighted in 1900

Last Friday evening important business matters called the writer to Arnoldsburg, and of course, it is nothing for an editor to ride over to Arnoldsburg and return any evening after supper.

But, the point is we went and in doing so, passed by the farm of J.F. McDonald. As we went over, about 300 yards above his house we saw where, as we supposed, a large sawed log had been drawn across the road, and we thought nothing of it.

But upon our return in the night time, at the same point, our faithful little saddle mare, Midnight, took fright, and we saw ahead of us what appeared to be a good sized log right across the road.

Finally we whipped the mare up to the object, only to find one of those large snakes, for which McDonald's farm is famous. The snake disappeared, as if by magic, and we came on our way rejoicing.

A Snake Tale from 1907

The truthfulness of the following snake story is vouched for by several of the county's best citizens and we are constrained to believe it is true although it does sound a little like a farmer's dream.

One day last week while hunting bees in the woods near Freed, Rev. Willis Shimer and Dow Collins killed 18 copper-heads and 7 rattle snakes on a piece of ground not larger than a sheep's skin.

- Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle