Brick High School Planned in 1921


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/21/1921.

Work on High School Begun

Following the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Calhoun County High School Friday of last week, active work of the construction of the big building on the South Side was commenced.  At the meeting William Holmes, an experienced builder from Xenia, Ohio, was employed by the Board as construction foreman.  A. Stump of Rocksdale, a member of the Board, is also on the job, and the work of getting out stone is moving along swiftly this week.  In addition the steel beams and great loads of cement for the concrete construction are being unloaded.

It is reported that P.Q. Shrake, who was in charge of the work last year, will bring the machinery for moulding and burning brick here and set up on the high school grounds for the manufacture of brick for the high school and other buildings.  In the event his product will pass inspection and can be sold at a low enough price, it is probably the upper part of the building will be constructed of brick instead of stone as was originally planned.

We are informed that Mr. Shrake says he can burn and sell brick here for $15 per thousand, which is considered a low price.