Chris Jarrett, originally from Clay, whose father Arthur is the former owner of the historic Henry Clay Hotel, writes from Great Falls, Montana.

A member of the Air Force, Jarrett says "Since you're an outhouse enthusiast I wanted to send you a picture of one of my own design."

"I stumbled on this quite by accident. I broke a kayak paddle going down Belt Creek, MT and needed a replacement blade."

Now, being from Clay, I'm pretty cheap and decided to try and make one myself."

"I used a Dremel with a cut-off wheel and carved one out of a folding metal chair seat. The blade worked beautifully but I was left with a chair that was less than desirable."

"That is, until I looked at in a different way."

"It seemed to be just the thing to throw in the camper to use as a traveling "outhouse. It works great and is easily transportable."