Jailbreak Fugitive Remains at Large in 1921


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 9/8/1921.

Keiffer Flies the Coup

Frank Keiffer, who was arrested several weeks ago and lodged in the county jail on a charge of obtaining money under false pretenses, made good his escape early Monday morning and defying all attempts made to arrest him is still at large.

From what can be learned it appears that on Saturday night and Sunday, Keiffer filed or sawed the lock on the inner door of the cell through and concealed his work in such a manner that it was not noticed by his keepers.  Monday morning when Mrs. Richards, wife of Jailer Richards, went in the cell to return the breakfast dishes, she unguardedly left the outer door unlocked for a few moments, while she went to the kitchen.  Keiffer then shook the lock off the inner door and the dust of the jail off his feet, and the last seen of him he was hitting it up the Smith point east of town.  Nothing further has been seen or heard of Keiffer since that time, and he is probably now resting in the jungles around Clendennin whence he came.

It is said that as Keiffer disappeared through the fog over the Smith hill, Sheriff Richards stepped out on the back porch of the jail and called to his departing guest, "Frank!  Frank!!   Come on back, Frank.  You are too good a man to break jail."  Fran, however, preferred liberty even at the cost of his moral character and paid no attention to the sheriff's plea.

James R. Brannon, who is being held for the federal authorities on a white slave charge, occupied the cell with Keiffer but preferred to take his chances with the law and did not leave with Keiffer.