BEAR WANDERS INTO BIG SPRINGS YARD - Another Discovers Cat Bowl On Back Porch


Bear wanders into Haught yard at Big Springs

Bear interested in cat bowl on Beall's porch on Back Fork

A bear wandered into the backyard at Tracy and Patty Haught's residence at Big Springs Friday morning (July 4th) around 9 a.m.

The bear came through the field and down through their backyard. He walked right in front of the barn and through the yard trying to find a way back to the woods.

They have a woven wire fence on the other side of the barn and the bear had a tough time trying to get back to the woods.

He wandered in the yard for a couple minutes before finding a place big enough in the fence to crawl under.

Photographer Patty Haught said "Through all the excitement, I had trouble finding my camera and when I did find it I couldn't find a camera card."

"The camera had a short lens on it and I wasn't prepared at all, so I was lucky to get a couple shots, before it got away," she said.

Ruth and Bob Beall on back Fork wrote, "Be careful what you wish for. I've always said I would like to see a black bear, but not real close." The bear was up close and personal last week.

"Well, lo and behold, one showed up on our front porch and he was very close. And as the picture portrays, he was interested in the cat food."

"He really didn't want to leave and he didn't act as though he was afraid. We finally got him to run by firing a gun and the noise made him flee."

Beall concluded "OK, I've seen a black bear up-close and he can go wayyyyyyyyyy back in the woods now."