Brooksville Speakeasies Targeted in 1901


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 12/24/1901.

Indignation Meeting
Trouble Brewing for Brooksville Venders of the Ardent

Becoming indignent at the indecent conduct of drunken ruffians, and the outrageous manner in which the law is being broken by speakeasy men in their town, the citizens of Brooksville and the surrounding community held a meeting last Friday and unanimously denounced the violators of the law, and their business, and requested them to cease their traffic, and as an ultimatum they told the owners of the speakeasies that should the law be unable to stop them, and should they refuse to heed the requests made by the meeting, they (the citizens) would take the matters into their own hands and stop them.

And they will do it.  They are a determined, earnest crowd of the county's best men, who have waited in patience for the proper parties to stop them, until they are satisfied that it will not be done unless they do it themselves.  Some of those present were:  J.P. Knight, Rev. Jim Taylor, M.S. Jeffreys, Ben Jeffreys, H.C. Goodnight, Caleb Goodnight, I.T. Cox, Frank Trippett, J.H. Smith, N.B. Ferrell, Wm. Bowers, O.P. Burrows, and others.

The owners of the "joints" were also present and it is thought that they will heed the request of these determined men.