JOHN DILLION IS 99 - "Make It To A 100 Or Die Trying"


He worked in the timber until he was 95, but gave himself a break as a "State Road" worker back some years ago. John Dillion just turned 99 in August 3, and he's still moving ahead with his life, alert and sharp of mind. Until this year he mowed his own yard on Pink, a fork of Beech.

John survived two serious accidents, one when his tractor turned over a while back and another auto accident on Bower's Hill near Spencer.

In his early years he went to the mountains of West Virginia to work in the timber, and frequently tells timber tales from the old days. He also enjoys reciting poetry.

Some years ago he told his rural mail carrier he didn't want any mail in his box unless it had his name on it. He's a real junk mail hater.

"I'm going to make it to 100 or die trying." he said.