"HIPPY ANDY" HAS DIED - Object Of Precedent Setting Property Forfeiture Suit


Andrew "Hippy Andy" Snider was somewhat of a legend in Calhoun, known for his non-conformist views and his connectedness to the earth.

The 60-year-old Vietnam Vet died Thursday in Clarksburg Veteran's Hospital.

Snider and his wife Catherine have been the object of a precedent setting suit in Calhoun circuit court that involves the forfeiture of the couple's 64-acres of property on Altizer Road, linked to marijuana drug charges brought by the State Police in 2004.

The court re-styled the civil suit against the Sniders', with the case becoming the Sheriff of Calhoun County vs. Snider.

A Hur Herald account of Snider's arrest in 2004 said Sr. Trooper J. B. Hunt of the Grantsville Detachment obtained the search warrant for the Snider property.

Hunt said Snider was "growing plants at his residence, and we cut marijuana."

The State Police, the Calhoun Sheriff's Department and the Grantsville Police Department "developed information which led to obtaining a search warrant," said Hunt.

Participating in the 2:30 a.m. search, Sr. Trooper J. B. Hunt, Sgt. D. H. Campbell, Sgt. Tom Yanero, Sgt. R. L. Mefford, Chief Deputy Carl Ballengee and Grantsville Police Chief Ron Gordon Sr.

Snider was indicted on marijuana charges in 2005, one count manufacturing a controlled substance, one count conspiracy to commit manufacturing a controlled substance.

That case against Snider was dropped in 2006.

A jury trial before Judge Thomas Evans III was canceled following a suppression hearing, which reportedly indicated a lack of evidence in the case.

Court records indicate the seizure of Snider's property continues four years after the initial arrest.

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