Bull River Known as Stringtown in 1901


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/9/1901.

(Bull River)

Editor of the Chronicle:  Not seeing anything in your paper from these parts, I will try to give you a few of the happenings, and if this should escape the waste basket I may come again.

Our farmers are preparing to plant large crops.

Perry Perkins one of the hard working citizens of this community is clearing extensively this spring.  If we had more such men as Perry the forests would soon be converted into fields waving with grain.

The school at this place is progressing nicely.

A.J. Yoak is confined to his room with quinsy we hope for his speedy recovery.

Robbie Osburn, has gone to Missouri in search of his health.

Eddie Peninger's smiling face was seen on our sidewalks last week.

J.A.C. Smith, one of Calhoun talented young men was in attendance at the Stringtown literary last Friday night.

W.H. Osburn is engaged at present at his trade, that is, fox hunting.

Ed Kelley is now wearing his Sunday face every day.  It is easy to guess why.

The Stringtown Literary Club, held an interesting session at the school house, last Friday night.  Subject, Resolved:  "That the death penalty should be inflicted for crime."  To affirm, C.M. Geho, Ivy Yoak, R.P. Bell, W.J. Mathews and J.A.C. Smith.  To deny, T.J. Burrows, Mc Barr, L.S. Peninger, A.J. Yoak and J.A. Westfall.  Decision in favor of the affirmative.