MULTI-FAMILY REUNION - Slider, Sturm, Adams, Greathouse, Tanner, Kirby, Kerby, Poling, Gainer, Wright, Riggs, Hughes, Carpenter. McCune, Starcher And Norman ... Whoa!


A multi-family reunion was held at the Mt. Zion Community Park Sunday, with a large group of people attending the event, organized by "Bub" Brown of Rowel's Run. Special gospel music was provided by "The Bowens," and other groups.

The community building was filled, anxious for the reunion
spread and one of the biggest dessert tables you'll ever see

Ninety-plus year old Fred Sturm

Reunion organizer "Bub" Brown

Kids enjoy the cool, autumn day

Lula Starcher Hughes (L) of Hughe's Fork
and Harriet Slider Sturm (R) of Rowel's Run

Pauline Craddock of Joker Ridge, the last of the backwoods Craddocks

"I love a little dessert"

Annamoriah resident "Pappy" Villers