Charter Shaffer, Calhoun Patriot - Early 1940's


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from photo copy of Calhoun Chronicle date early 40's.

Duck Whispers Again

No two single individuals in Grantsville have done more for defense purposes, according to ability than Charter Shaffer (illegible) "Whispering Duck."

By repeated raffling of the duck, whom we will call "Donald" hereafter, Charter has raised more than a hundred dollars which is deposited in the Calhoun County Bank for any kind of defense or offense purposes that may come up.

Donald, like the divine Sarah used to do, is making his first farewell tour (Sarah made seventeen).  Monday, when the boys and some of their pappys were registering for the draft, he looked up at the small flag on top of the elevator shaft of the new courthouse where material is to be carried some 60 or 75 feet above the ground level, and whispered to Charter, "that's a fine flag, but us near-sighted people can't see it.  Lets get the old wheel out again and give them something we all will be proud of.  If they will buy these Jehovah's Witness bulletins, we can stick 'em for a dime for a flag that truly represents the patriotism of Calhoun county people.  Make it our answer to these human lice who in a small way are spreading subversive stuff over the country when we are in the toughest spot we have ever been."

Well, a few hours afterwards the finest wool flag that can be bought, size 8 feet by 12 feet, had been ordered by air mail.  Charley Whytsell, boss carpenter on the courthouse, started to work on the flag pole which will extend some twenty-five feet above the top of the elevator.  WPA workers agreed to raise and lower the flag at the proper time.  And Charter and Donald had most of the money need to pay for the flag.

The first formal raising of the flag will be accompanied by appropriate ceremonies, announcement of which will be made in our next issue.