Citizen Dies in Quarry Accident in 1931


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 9/10/1931.

Man Killed by Stone Fall

Caleb P. Peninger, a well known citizen of Henrietta, was fatally injured when he fell from a ledge in a stone quarry Wednesday morning, his death resulting a few hours later in an ambulance on the way to a Parkersburg Hospital.

Mr. Peninger was working alone in a stone quarry getting out material for a cellar for C.E. Malona.  On account of the fact that he was alone detail of how he was injured are not known, but it is thought that he fell from a ledge in the quarry a distance of about fifteen feet, striking the back of his head on a pile of stone.  Or it may be that a falling slab of stone struck him.  Noise of stone falling was heard about ten o'clock in the morning by residents close the quarry, but Mr. Peninger's condition was not discovered until shortly after noon when he failed to come to his noon meal.  He was discovered lying unconscious in a pool of blood with the back of his head badly crushed and caved in by the blow.  His clothes were soaked with rain and there were other indications that considerable time had elapsed between the time of the accident and his discovery.

Dr. J.A. Morford responded to an emergency call and started the injured man to a hospital in an ambulance.  When he left Grantsville he was suffering terribly and death come to his relief near Mahone, Ritchie county.  He was returned to this place and funeral services will be held Friday afternoon followed by interment in Bethlehem cemetery.  The services will be in charge of the local Masonic lodge of which the deceased was a member.

Mr. Peninger was about 63 years of age and had been a lifelong resident of the Henrietta community, a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Peninger.  He was universally liked and respected for his sterling traits of character and general regret was occasioned by his untimely death.  L.S. Peninger, of this place, is a brother of the deceased.