Family Destitute Following House Fire in 1907


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 2/19/1907.

The family of William Stump who lived just above Grantsville, near the old gas well, met with a dire calamity last Thursday night.  Mrs. Stump was asleep, near the fire place, and it is supposed that one of the children, in playing with the gas, turned off the fire and then turned on the gas, allowing it to accumulate, afterwards lighting a match, and in an instant the whole house was in flames and in a few moments was in ashes.  Mrs. Stump was badly burned about the face and arms, and her hair was mostly burned off, but none of the children were burned.  Nothing was left of their household effects, and the family is in very destitute circumstances.

(From another column)
Mrs. William Stump and three children, the unfortunate people whose house was burned Thursday night, as noted elsewhere in this issue, were taken to the county house Friday.  Bill Stump, the husband, will remain in the employ of J.T. Waldo.