Freed Destroyed by Fire in 1933


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfiche of the Wirt County Journal dated 2/17/1933.

Destructive Fire

Freed was visited Sunday by a very bad fire which burned four buildings all belonging to B.B. Shimer.  The fire started from a small cottage which was occupied by Grandma Shimer.  A gas line burst in her house.  No one was at home there but E.E. Shimer who had been staying with his mother.  He received very severe burns and had a narrow escape getting out of the burning building.  A two story building which was formerly Roy Morrison's store building and residence burned.  It was occupied by Okey Shimer and family also a building and grist mill and a garage were burned.  Just a few things were saved out of Okey Shimer's residence.  B.B. Shimer's residence and Alfred Ford's residence were saved.  We haven't learned if any insurance was carried on any of the property destroyed by fire.