CCC Works on Forestation Project in 1936


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 10/22/1936.

CCC Gathers Walnuts
(Civilian Conservation Corps)

Fifty enrollees under the supervision of Mr. Corbin and Mr. Stalnaker, foremen on a work project of Camp Crawford, Elizabeth, W. Va., have in the past ten days gathered in Wirt, and adjoining counties approximately 2600 bushels of walnuts.  To the average person this does not seem like very many walnuts. when compared or thought of in terms of corn or any other product of larger variety but to see 2600 bushels of walnuts is something that very few people have ever seen and it is difficult to conceive several acres of ground completely covered with walnuts that have been left out in the sun to dry.

This work shows a vast increase in the amount of wooded sections that will be noticeable in a very few years in the counties which these nuts have been gathered.  Instead of commercializing them or permitting them to lie around under the trees they are put through the drying process and are being planted by the groups of enrollees.

H.G. Debald, E.C.W. Superintendent of Camp Crawford has established that the planting program of Camp Crawford will double the program that it has been in previous years.