Ray Waldo Learns a Lesson in 1931


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/9/1931.

Another Likely Fire

Following so closely on the Buck fire of Sunday night, residents of Grantsville were terrified Wednesday night about ten o'clock when the fire alarm was sounded and it was announced that fire had broken out under the Jarvis furniture store.

The fire was there all right, occasioned when Ray Waldo, who lives in an apartment in the rear of the building went searching for a gas leak with a lighted match and found it.  A small volume of gas had collected under the building and when lighted, exploded and the flames caught in some excelsior, trash and what have you stored under the building for safe keeping.  Ray got busier than a one armed paperhanger with the hives, and was able to beat out the flames.

It was a mighty narrow escape, however, and had the flames gotten under headway a large portion of Grantsville would be in ashes today.  All the buildings in the block are of frame construction and nothing could have saved them.

It is said that conditions under the Stemple building are terrible, tinder-like trash and refuse being piled high and open to where a cigarette stub may be tossed any hour.  If the town council is unable to remedy the condition, property owners and residents who are endangered are apprised that a word to the state fire marshal will bring in a jaybird who will see that the place is cleaned up in a jiffy.