Grantsville Recovers From Fire in 1919


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 6/26/1919.

Still Doing Business

Most of the business men and corporations whose buildings were destroyed by the recent fire have their businesses under full swing or will have in a few days.

The postoffice is located in the building owned by J.M. Hamilton near the Peoples Bank.

The Peoples Bank is located in the room formerly occupied by Ira N. Stump's undertaking establishment.  The safes had cooled sufficiently to be opened Thursday.  The inside of the money safe was in perfect condition and there was nothing to indicate that the contents had ever been in a fire.  A few papers that had been placed on the inside of the outer doors of the book safe were scorched but nothing within the inner walls was damaged.

The Calhoun County Bank is located in the rooms formerly occupied by Attorney L.C. Hamilton.  Nothing in the safes were damaged seriously, though a few books were scorched slightly.  Even this would not have been done if the doors on one of the safes had not been sprung by the concussion of some dynamite placed in the building.

Ira Hardman has completed a building into which he has moved his stock of merchandise and is doing business as usual.

George W. Hamilton has erected a building which he will use for a grocery and confectionery.  A fine $2000 soda fountain, probably the best in the Little Kanawha Valley, arrived last week and will be set up in the next few days.  The building just completed is only temporary and it is likely that plans will soon be completed whereby a nice brick building will be erected with a K. of P. hall on the second floor.

Deems & Price, who had a confectionery in the R.W. Bennett building, have not announced any plans for the future.