County Engineer Dies in Accident in 1919


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 10/2/1919.

County Engineer Edwin Starcher Fatally Injured Friday Morning

One of the most shocking accidents which has ever happened in the history of the county occurred Friday morning when the huge four-ton truck belonging to the county court upset and turned over on County Engineer Edwin Starcher, killing him almost instantly.

Mr. Starcher had started out from Grantsville with the truck, which is a large army, four-wheel drive furnished by the War Department for use in road building, loaded with culvert material for the Leatherbark Road and had gotten to the narrows on the high bank just this side of the Barr schoolhouse at the head of Phillip's Run when he met a team and wagon driven by Oliver Blosser, of Russett.  In attempting to pass the wagon Mr. Starcher drove to the lower side of the road which runs along a precipitous bank, and in some manner the truck got beyond his control, upset and rolled to the bottom of the run below.  At the first turn Mr. Starcher, who was stuck to the truck and tried to save it from destruction, was caught under the frame and killed instantly.  His body was terribly mangled and crushed as the truck and its load weighed nearly nine thousand pounds.

The remains were brought to this place and prepared for burial and the funeral services were held and interment made at the family cemetery on the West Fork, Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Starcher was about 55 years of age and was a scion of one of the county's most prominent families.  He is survived by his wife and nine children to whom the sympathy of the entire county goes out in the most heartfelt manner.

Edwin Starcher was a first class citizen and official.  There were some who in the heat of political argument and bickering, criticised his plans and purposes, but none deny that he was honest, energetic and faithful in the discharge of his duties.  Under his administration wonderful progress has been made in road building in this county and the county will experience some difficulty in finding a man to take his place and who will give the same earnest and conscientious as was rendered by Mr. Starcher.