Big Springs Correspondent Turns Poet in 1910


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 3/1/1910.

Big Springs

When the sun in all its splendor,
On the future casts its light,
Candidates with legal tender
Riding almost day and night,
In the mighty rush and hurry
Trying each to gain a vote,
Causing lots of mental worry
How their time to best devote.
Sure election day is coming
We our votes all wish to cast,
Carriage wheels already humming
Bearing candidates so fast
Each one fearing that his neighbor
Will some other man support
And that he will lose his labor
When we get the true report.
Now for Co. Superintendent
We must all support the man
That will make our schools resplendent
Or at least that is the plan.
Wake! ye democrats that slumber,
Cast your votes for M.L. Hall,
His will all the rest out number,
Wait and be convinced this fall.
He will do this work with pleasure,
Of his office never tire,
Never rob the country treasure,
How we should this man admire.
Let's all try to raise our Co.
At least even with the rest,
Freed from off our generous bounty
Men that truly stand the test.
We must never faint nor falter,
Choose before election day,
For your vote you ne'er can alter
Try to vote just as you pray.