Authorities Investigate Murder in 1936


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 8/13/1936.

No Solution of Laughlin Murder

State police and county authorities are no nearer the solution of the mysterious killing of Dee Laughlin, Rush Run farmer who was found dead Wednesday with a bullet wound in his back, than they were in the beginning.  All angles of the case are being looked into and it is thought developments will warrant an arrest within the next few days.

Laughlin, 66-year old farmer of Rush Run, was found dead in a field near his home late Wednesday afternoon by a neighbor, Homer Norman.  Police authorities were notified and Sheriff P.P. Gunn and Corporal D.G. Wilfong and Trooper O.C. Bowles went to the scene of the tragedy and conducted an investigation.

It was found that Laughlin had been shot through the back with a high-power rifle, the bullet entering under the left shoulder and plowing a downward course carrying with it a portion of the dead man's ribs.  A neighbor, Mrs. Reed Starcher, told the officers she had heard a shot about 1:30 o'clock and then saw Laughlin running across the field.  Mrs. Starcher attached no significance to the shot and the murdered man's action, thinking he was out hunting and was running to pick up an animal he had shot.

The deceased man was under indictment in the local circuit court for the shooting of a neighbor several months ago.  Police had a check on several weapons of the caliber used in the shooting and it is thought a solution of the mystery will be worked out in due time.

Laughlin is survived by a sister, Mrs. Dora Butler, of Sutton, and a brother, Charles Laughlin, of Richwood.  A brother, Lem Laughlin, committed suicide in the Jackson county jail several years ago.