POOR JAMES "I FEEL GOOD" BROWN! - TV News Has Neglected His Buryin'


The king of rhythm and blues

By Bob Weaver

I feel really sorry for soul singer James "I Feel Good" Brown, who passed away at Christmas and still isn't buried.

He has been really neglected by TV news, rarely a mention. Like Anna Nicole, he is suffering a legal quagmire over his earthly disposition.

Poor James apparently doesn't have the star and sex appeal of Anna Nicole to burn up thousands of TV hours, pre-empting major world happenings.

Anna Nicole's newsworthiness is so high, that if the second coming of Christ happened last week, it wouldn't get a mention.

This article will try to correct Brown's neglect.

Lo these months later, family members are staring upon poor James' casketed remains at a funeral home, mourning about what will happen with his DNA.

Lawyers for Brown's trustees have been getting DNA samples to help sort out several paternity claims made against the singer since he died at age 73.

Brown's significant other Tomi Rae Hynie told media she viewed Brown's casketed remains a few days ago for a more intimate farewell she did not get during two funeral services held in December.

We're sorry to report, there were no TV cameras to report the emotional event.

Hynie said Brown was the love of her life, although she had him arrested for domestic assault.

A local reporter quoted Hynie as saying, "We had a saying that his father, Papa Joe, used to say when he would win playing dice. He would say, 'Us win' to James. So, I was praying and I said, 'Us win, baby. We are going to put you in the ground and you're going to get some rest finally, at last.'"

A few of Brown's children and a funeral director also viewed Brown a few days ago, before court-ordered DNA samples were collected.

"It needs to be done (the burial) and that way it will put everything to rest hopefully," said funeral director Charles Reid.

Brown's personal life was marred by brushes with the law, including several drug-related arrests, domestic violence and a high-speed car chase after which he was convicted of carrying an unlicensed pistol and assaulting a police officer.

In 2000, the police were summoned to Brown's residence after he was accused of charging an electric company repairman with a steak knife.

Adrienne Rodriguez, his third wife, had him arrested four times between the mid-1980s and mid-1990s on charges of assault.

Hopefully there will be some photographer at graveside to take a few shots of his numerous off-spring and significant others, whose tears will be flowing in anticipation or loss of Brown's music royalty checks.

That's the best I can do, for now, James.