Wilson Family Holds Reunion in 1931


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 8/20/1931.

Wilson Reunion

The descendants of William Wilson, Jr., and their friends residing in Ohio, held their Fifth Annual Reunion at the City Park, Cambridge, Ohio, all day Sunday, August 16, which other years has had an attendance of from 225 to 300, several of whom have been from West Virginia.

William Wilson, Jr., was one of 10 children of William Wilson, who was of Scotch-Irish origin, and who first settled near Moorefield, W. Va., in 1746.  The names of the other 9 children were as follows:  Benjamin (known as Colonel Ben, the Indian Fighter), David, John (who was a Major during the Revolutionary War), Moses, James, Solomon, Elizabeth, and Margaret.

William, Jr., migrated from West Virginia to Guernsey, now Noble county Ohio, where he died in 1851, aged 97 years.  In addition to the descendants residing in Ohio, he has numerous descendants residing in West Virginia, and it is generally known that many of the descendants of the other 9 children reside in Hardy, Randolph, Barbour, Tucker, Harrison, Upshur, Taylor and adjoining counties of West Virginia.  No doubt, these descendants are now numbered by the thousands, when it is recalled that Colonel Ben had a family of 29 children.  Numerous references are found in early histories of Harrison, Barbour, Ritchie, and Randolph counties of the accomplishments and activities of various members of this family

An old newspaper clipping relates that there is a small piece of ground near Beverly, Randolph county, which was deeded to the public forever by Col. Ben, and dedicated as a plane for pitching horse-shoes.  At his death, December 2, 1827, he was a resident of Harrison county, where he had held many public offices, but no record of his last resting place is had.

Many descendants of John Wilson, brother of Colonel Ben and William Wilson, now reside in Ritchie county.  Descendants of the other brothers and sisters to date remain unlocated, but will probably be found in some of the adjoining counties, if they will but make themselves and whereabouts known.

The descendants of William Wilson, Jr., residing in Ohio feel that such a splendid family history should not be allowed to be forgotten, but should be perpetuated, and to this end, and for the purpose of providing a closer relationship, are extending their West Virginia cousins a cordial invitation to correspond with their Secretary, R.E. Wilson, State Security Bank Building, Zanesville, Ohio, from those who have not already done so, in order that the descendants of the other children of William Wilson, Sr., may be located and complete roster and history may be made.