Grantsville Store Destroyed by Fire in 1931


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 4/9/1931.

Store Destroyed by Fire

The general store of Orvan Buck, located on the corner of High and Court streets was totally destroyed by fire of an unrevealed origin which broke out about ten-thirty o'clock Sunday night.

The flames were discovered by Mr. and Mrs. Gail Nutter who were sitting in a car near the store and who sounded a general alarm.  The building of light frame construction was soon roaring in flames and it was impossible by the time water was available to save any part of the store or stock of goods.

Attention was turned to the Buck dwelling which stood within a few feet of the store building and by the valiant and well directed efforts of a crew at the hose nozzle, led by Charter Shaffer, the Buck residence and adjoining ones were saved.  The household effects were badly damaged by water and removal and one end of the dwelling was burned slightly and smoked.

Mr. and Mrs. John Yoak, who have living apartments over the Buck store, were absent from home when the fire occurred and lost all their household effects and clothing in the flames.  The Yoaks had no insurance on their property.

The Buck loss, which is estimated to be in the neighborhood of ten thousand dollars is amply covered by insurance.

During the fire an ample supply of water was furnished by the 250 bbl. auxillary tank erected by the town a few years ago.  This tank has been kept full all during the drought, and the wisdom of the council in erecting it was demonstrated in Sunday night's fire.  Council has made provision for filling the large 1250 bbl. tank from the waters of Simon's Run, and it will be kept filled for fire purposes from now on.