Brooksville is Home to Truly Honest Man in 1936


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 9/24/1936.

Page Diogenes, Boy!

From far-off California comes a story of an honest man that involves "Uncle" Billy Burrows, aged and respected citizen of Brooksville.  But it is no surprise to us who know "Uncle" Billy.  His reputation for honesty is pro- (illegible).

But let the Stockton (Calif.) Record tell the story:

"F.E. Ferrell, 43 years a resident of Stockton, has evidence that there is an honest man in Big Bend, W. Va.

"The West Virginian is W.M. Burrows, boyhood playmate of the Stocktonian.  They parted 55 years ago.  The evidence of honesty arrived a few days ago when Ferrell received a $1 bill due on a watch trade made 55 years ago.

"Ferrell does not recall the watch trade, but he knows if the West Virginia says so it must be true.  The Stocktonian will keep the $1 bill and prize it, but he will enclose a $5 bill in his return letter to Burrows and tell him to keep it as an appreciation from Stockton.

"Burrows lost all track of Ferrell until recently when he saw the name on a business calendar in the town mailed from Stockton.  He forwarded the $1 bill immediately thereafter.

"The letter to Stockton says Burrows is 78 years old and crippled.  Ferrell is in the 70's.  Both wrestled together as boys, the Stocktonian having a sort of neighborhood championship title."

"Mr. Ferrell is a native of Brooksville but left there many years ago and located in the California city where he successfully engaged in the retail coal and grain business.  Mr. Ferrell will be remembered by many of the older residents of Brooksville and community.