Child Dies in Freak Accident in 1910


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 7/5/1910.

Tragedy on Spring Fork
Seven-Year Old Davis Boy Accidentally Killed

Little George Davis, the seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Davis, met with an accident Thursday evening which caused his death.  The boy was in the corn field with his uncle Irvin Jones; his elder brother Albert Davis, and a young man by the name of Selmon.  He was playing with a large sharp hoe, in a ravine, at the end of the corn rows, and had dug steps up the banks of the ravine.  After finishing his play in this respect, he began vaulting across the ravine, using the hoe handle for a vaulting pole.  This he had done several times, and was cautioned to stop it by his uncle, but paying no attention to the warning he tried it again, and in some manner lost his hold on the hoe, which fell against the bank on the opposite side from him with the hoe blade pointing at him, and the boy pitched head foremost, his head striking against the blade of the hoe, cutting a gash about two inches long clean through the skull.  Those nearest him in the field hurried to the boy and rendered what assistance they could, but the wound was too severe, and death resulted in less than fifteen minutes.  The rumor got into circulation some way, that the elder Davis boy had struck his little brother.  Whereupon Assistant States Attorney S.P. Bell immediately went upon the scene, and congregated Coroner Squire W.H. Jackson, and a jury to make investigation into the tragedy.  After a thorough investigation had been made and all the facts in the case ascertained, the jury quickly rendered a verdict of accidental death.