Gasoline Factory Proposed in 1909


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 9/28/1909.

New Industry For Grantsville

"Wig" Bickle and Otto Lehman have been here for several days cleaning out their gas and oil wells and otherwise improving their property.

They have completed that work and are now at work on a scheme to manufacture gasoline from the gas in their Hamilton No. 1 well, which is the only well they have that produces gas with a paraphine base, and that kind of gas is the only kind from which gasoline can be manufactured.  If their plans are successful the working of the new plant will be very simple and this product of their gas will be much more remunerative than the gas in its raw state, as it is said that 1,000 feet of gas for which they are now receiving 1-1/2 cents, will manufacture four gallons of gasoline which is worth about 20 cents a gallon, and the gas can afterwards be utilized for illuminating and heating purposes.  It is sincerely hoped that their plans will be successful and that they will meet with that financial success that their untiring efforts so justly merit.

While the operation of the plant as now proposed, will not require much of a pay roll to operate it, it will bring a lot of money into this firms hands which will be used in further developing territory in this community and it will do our town and county a great deal of good.