FOWLER'S HAVE WEEKEND GET-TOGETHER - Descendants of Frank and Elfie Fowler


A big weekend family get-together

The Fowler Reunion at Calhoun County Park is a two-day affair, which included the big reunion picnic, an all night sleep over for the kids at the park and a swimming party at the Grantsville pool. Those attending are descendants of Frank and Elfie Barr Fowler, and there is a big bunch of them. Frank Fowler's parents, Mack and Elizabeth Morris Fowler graced the general Phillip's Run area, including the now developed Riffle Run.

Glen Fowler heads the food line

The tasty desert table has many visits

Highlights from "The Fowler Chronicles"

FONDEST MEMORIES by Connie Law Fowler

My fondest memories are at the old house. I enjoyed visiting Grandma and Grandpa Fowler as a little girl. It never ceased to amaze me that it didn't matter how many grandchildren they had, they always made all of us feel special, like we were the only grandchild they had.

Grandma always had a smile on her face and grandpa always asked you, "Do you want a piece of candy?" I never refused, maybe that's why I have such a sweet tooth today. He'd take you to the bedroom where he had his stash and pull out a big Butterfinger. He never ran out and I always wondered how many candy bars he had.

Another memory was standing on the bannister and reading. Dad always told me that Grandma and Grandpa said I sure made up the best stories. I always had a book open but I never looked at it, I just made it up while I looked at them.

It never ceases to amaze me how much you remember about your childhood as you get older, you sort of forget it while you are young but it doesn't but it doesn't take much to jog your memory later in life. I'm thankful for Grandma and Grandpa and for the good memories they have left me with. I know it was the love of God that was shining through them.

I pray that some day, when I have grandchildren of my own, I too can leave them with a legacy of love just as my grandparents did for me.


I've read with great pleasure the previous "Fondest Memories." They've brought back so many of my own. It's interesting how we all have similar experiences, yet each is unique and personal.

My memories go "way back". Some I've been trying to verify with aunts, uncles and my parents for years. So...these are some of the things I remember.

I remember living in the cellar house. It was warm, cozy and wonderful. I especially remember sitting on my mother's lap before bedtime while she read Bible stories to me. I remember the glow of the lamp and the sound of her voice. I remember the comfort of parents who loved each other and loved me. I remember a table with yellow bench covers.

I remember the scent of the bottom part of the cellar house. In the first room was the wash house and the cream separator. In the back was the "dark" room with bins that housed the potatoes, apples and other staples from the garden. I will forever have in my memory the scent of soap, cream, hot water and the musky aroma of stored vegetables and fruit.

I remember my cousins, Terry, Joyce and Linda. They were my first friends and playmates. Walking barefoot with them in that cool, clear creek was a summer delight.

I remember walking "up the hill" with grandpa to milk the cows but not being able to pull hard enough to get any milk to come out. He also took me with him to slop the hogs and gather eggs. I don't remember that we talked much, but I do recall him holding my hand.

I remember my Grandmother happily welcoming home a son...I don't know which one of the six sons, I just remember that it was late and she was brushing snow from his shoulders with a small broom. I think he was wearing a uniform, but I don't know for sure.

Of course, I too remember waiting impatiently in the evening until Grandpa got his pan of apples and performed his apple peeling "trick". Grandma and Grandpa's bedroom cupboard also contained Beechnut gum and peppermint sticks. What wonderful childhood treats!

I remember the sisters getting ready for dates and I, the little one, wanted to be part of the occasion. The girls were always laughing and chatting together. Once, I walked in on them in the bathroom. One sister was bathing and another, not quite dressed, was doing her hair. Such squealing! Needless to say, I was booted out fast!

I remember, like every grandchild, the player piano and the "big" closet. But, I also remember the bedroom beside the creek...the one with the iron bed. Even as a child the peaceful sound of the water and the coolness of the room was comforting.

I remember summers with bare feet, croquet, porch swings, watermelon and endless play. Most of my "little girl" memories are fuzzy. The things I cherish most are touches, sounds, aromas and the feeling of being loved. A family can't give a little child any greater gift. I have been truly blessed!

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Kids and guests have overnight stay and pool party