Shooting on Barnes Run in 1907


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/29/1907 and 11/14/1907.

A shooting affray occurred one day last week on Barnes Run, and as a result, a man by the name of Lowe is lying at his home, pretty badly shot up, and Dr. St. James is in the county jail awaiting the action of the next grand jury.  The trouble grew out of a dispute over a truck patch, and according to St. James' story he was going down the run past the house of Lowe when the latter stopped him and started to attack him with a hatchet.  The doctor then went to his kitchen pocket and produced a revolver with which he shot Lowe in the left side, awfully near the heart, but the shot did not penetrate deep and Lowe is not dangerously hurt.  St. James gave himself up, and made a complaint against Lowe.  The justice held each of them to answer the action of the grand jury and in default of bail both were remanded to jail, but Lowe is yet unable to come over.

Poor old Dr. St. James, who is serving out a sentence in the county jail, is in very bad shape.  He is suffering with consumption, and will possibly not live to regain his freedom.  To the conscientious Church people of Grantsville we would call your attention that there is a stranger in your midst, who is friendless and penniless, and who is sorely in need of attention.  Possibly his burden could be made lighter, and his last days happier, if someone would call and try to cheer him up, and lend him some aid.  Remember that life is uncertain, and we cannot tell how soon some of us may be in the same predicament that Dr. St. James is.  let your own conscience decide whether or not it is your duty