The Taylors came to Calhoun about 1850, and many of the folks at the Taylor Reunion yesterday are descendants of Tazewell and Liza Jane Nicholas Taylor. The get-together was held at the home of Doug and Shirley Taylor, direct descendants of Loyd B. and Bertha Cantwell Taylor.

Looking down Yellow Creek

A member of the Taylor clan, the late Mary Bower Carpenter, wrote this poem about "Little Yellow Creek" in 1979, and is printed in her book "Who Am I?".

"Little Yellow Creek"
by Mary Bower Carpenter
July 3, 1979

Little Yellow Creek-
I was born along your shore;
What am I gonna' do
When you run no more?

Lazy little creek-
Get movin' long-
I'm gonna' whistle,
You sing a song.

Little Yellow Creek,
What you gotta' say?
Just creepin' 'long
On your "belly" that way.

Windin' 'roun the bend,
Twistin' as you go;
What'cha gonna' do
At the end of the row?

You can't run away,
"Cause there's no place to go;
What'cha gonna' do
At the end of the show?

Little Yellow Creek
Windin' roun' the bend;
Can't stop runnin'
'Till you get to the end;

Can't fight back,
"Cause you can't run no more;
No place to go-
"Cause you can't cross your shore.

You can't run forward,
And you can'r run back,
All you can do-
Is stay in your tracks.

Ice is gonna' form,
Summer's gonna' go,
You'll be covered up-
When the wind starts to blow

Little Yellow creek
Open up your eyes,
See what's comin'
From those big black skies.

What'cha gonna' do-
When your all covered up
Can't move along,
And you can't rise up.

Now don't you run away-
'Cause I'll be comin' back-
To cross again that footlog,
To Uncle Ben's "shack".

There'll be no-one to greet me,
Uncle Ben is there no more;
He took Aunt "Millie" with him,
To that Celestial Shore.

Dedicated to my brother, Delbert...MBC

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