Knifing at Rocksdale Results in Death in 1909


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 9/28/1909.

Murder at Rocksdale

The first of last week at a rowdy dance at the home of one Dick Church near Rockdale, Job Ward sometimes known as Job Starcher, was stabbed and fatally wounded, death resulting from the wound Friday.

There are several versions of the affair, one of the most credited being as follows: A drunken fight started while the dance was in progress several parties taking part in it.  When the fight was over Ward was left lying at the roadside with a severe knife wound in his abdomen, the crowd participating in it, not taking the trouble to ascertain the extended his injuries, cursed him and left him alone in the night, wounded unto death.  He regained consciousness after a while and crawled a long ways to the home of Al Stump, where medical aid was summoned and everything possible was done for him but it was already too late, and death relieved him Friday.  Some five or six of the participants were arrested and tried before Squire Gough at Richardson and fined $5 for disorderly conduct and discharged.  The man who did the cutting, Howard Lang, by name, has departed for parts unknown.  A very bad state of affairs exist in that neighborhood and it is hoped that sufficient punishment may be meted out to the guilty parties to teach them a lesson.