Drs. Amputate Mollohan's Leg in 1910


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated as indicated.

We are sorry to note that R.P. Mollohan is seen very poor health at present, suffering from the effects of his lame leg.  We understand that as soon as Dr. Dye is able to do so he will amputate Mr. Mollohan's leg above the knee.  Every since he was a boy, Bob has suffered with this limb but in the last few years the cause of the trouble has grown to such an extent that it has now become necessary to amputate the limb to save his life.  Everyone hopes sincerely that the operation will be a successful one and that the sufferer will soon grow strong and well again.


"Bob" Mollohan's Leg Amputated

Monday morning, Dr. Dye, assisted by Dr. John Korcoran, Miss Fay Oles, a trained nurse, and Ward Betts, who administered the ether, performed a surgical operation upon our esteemed townsmen R.P. Mollohan, amputating the left leg, between the knee and thigh.  The operation was an entirely successful one, the patient having recovered promptly from the anaesthetic, and at the hour of going to press is resting nicely.

"Bob" Mollohan's condition is very flattering at present, and unless something unforeseen happens, he will be able to be out in the course of three or four weeks.  His limb, where it was amputated, is healing nicely, under the skillful nursing of Miss Fay Oles, he is rapidly regaining his strength.

We are glad to note that R.P. Mollohan has so improved since the amputation of his limb, that he is now able to do a whole days work, something he has been unable to do for many years.  He has almost completed the assessors land books for the county, and has assisted some with the work in the Calhoun county Bank.