Burglar Faces Federal Charges in 1908


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 8/11/1908.

Burglary at Chestnut Grove

Last Monday night someone broke into the store of F.S. Wilson's and stole goods amounting to about $50.00 and went from there to the store and Post Office and got about $1.98 in stamps and money and about $2 from the money drawer in the store.  As soon as convenient Mr. Wilson and Jackson secured the service of Mel Taylor and his blood hound and they took the track and followed them into Ritchie county but the hounds had to give up the trail Tuesday evening on account of rain but Mr. Taylor kept up the pursuit and caught one Asa Hickman on Devil Hole creek 8  miles this side of Cairo, who confessed to being one of the men who did the theft.  He said there was a man by the name of Jones who was the leader of the affair and that he had gone to Clarksburg.  Mr. Taylor immediately started after him and we think ere this week ends that they will both be in the custody of our sheriff.

LATER-- The man who was captured was taken to Parkersburg to answer in Federal court.