107 Attend Birthday Celebration in 1897


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 2/9/1897.

According to previous arrangements on the 3rd day of Feb., that being Uncle Tom Burrows birthday, the friends, notwithstanding the inclement weather, began at an early hour to wend their way to Uncle Tom's home, where he had his birthday dinner prepared.  Quite a number of people assembled, many of whom gave him a birthday present.  All seemed to enjoy themselves well, especially Uncle Tom.  At 12 o'clock dinner was announced and when we repaired to the dining room we found the table spread with all that heart could wish, and one hundred and seven persons feasted to their hearts content, and after all had eaten all they could we were loathe to leave so many good edibles that were not consumed.  Uncle Tom desires to thank the ladies who assisted in the preparation of the dinner.  Also all who contributed presents.  Ye scribe was one of the hundred and seven, and will say that we think every person on that occasion realized a joyous day with a grand and good old Christian man and wife.  Uncle Tom is now sixty one years old, and is liked and highly esteemed by all who know him.