Editor Barrows "Speaks His Mind" in 1949


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 12/8/1949.

Rural Carrier

The appointment of a rural carrier for the route out of Grantsville has, as is usually the case in this county, seemingly worked its way into petty politics.

Perhaps it will be recalled that two examinations have already been held by the Civil Service commission to fill this job.  Now again another examination will be held Spencer sometime the first of the year.

As the matter now stands, so we are told, Jim Gill is the only one eligible for the appointment, having passed the last examination for this position.  Mr. Gill carried the mail on this route when it was first established.  He gave excellent service and the majority of the those being served on this route are asking that he be returned to them as their carrier.

Mr. Gill was told, previous to the last examination, that the people of Pine Creek might lose this route as there was no one who had made application for taking the examination.  In good faith he passed the examination.  We find his appointment held up only to passify a few cheap politicians.

Attention Congressman C. Bailey: This stinks!  And if you uphold such tactics you are the worst stinker of the bunch!