CALHOUN'S SESQUICENTENNIAL 1856-2006 - Flashback 50 Years, Faces Remembered


It was 50 years ago Calhoun celebrated its' 100th anniversary, and a big event it was. The young and old came out to have a part. Here are some folks to be remembered:

Pine Creek gals got dressed for the Centennial Pioneer Days, Maud Gainer(left) and Eva Kerby (right) 1956 - (Photo compliments of Lola Clark)

This lower West Fork valley gal Eula Nicholson was a devoted 4-H leader, attending the Centennial in 1956 (Photo compliments of Terry Harris)

High school sophomores Linda Lambiotte (left), daughter of A & P Store owners George and Local Lambiotte (who died early in life from cancer) and her friend Virginia Long (right) daughter of teacher Grace Hamilton Long (who married Vearl Haynes) enjoy a sunny day at Centennial, 1956 (Photo compliments of Terry Harris)

Department store owner Olin Gherke was right in the middle of all the Calhoun Centennial festivities, 1956 (Photo compliments of Terry Harris)