Tool Dresser Survives Fall From Derrick in 1928


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 1/5/1928.


Harvey Mace Falls from Great Height and is Not Fatally Injured

Tool Dresser's Experience Will Remain Unique in Oil Field Annals

Harvey Mace, an employee of the Calhoun Oil & Gas Company, fell 62 feet from a derrick on which he was working and landed on the floor of the rig.  He is still alive to tell the story and is thought not seriously injured.  He was badly bruised and shaken up by his fall and a deep gash was cut in his hip.  Apparently no bones are broken nor has he sustained internal injuries.

The injured man is a tool dresser and was working inside the rig on the A. J. Nitz farm on Daniels Run, at a height of 62 feet above the floor, Wednesday, when he slipped in some manner and came hurtling down through the rig.  He struck first on some two inch planks which were in the rig on trestles and it is thought that enough spring was in the lumber to practically break his fall.

He was taken to the home of Mr. Nitz and medical attention was given him at once.  He appears to be getting along very well and unless some unforeseen complications arise, he is likely to recover.