Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
By Louis E. Ayers


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 6/23/1927.

Captain William Ellison's Company
Calhoun County Scouts
West Virginia State Troops

Organization began August 18, 1863; mustered out of service June 20, 1864.  Captain William Ellison, enrolled in Kanawha county, W. Va., on August 18, 1863, ordered to raise company of Ind. scouts for Calhoun county.  Commissioned Capt. order of October 3, 1863; disbanded and ordered mustered out June 16, 1864, to take effect June 20, 1864.

Adkins, Wayne, 3rd Sergeant.
Anderson, Frank W., deserted; reported to Jd. 13th W. Va. Vol. Inf.
Belcher, John J.
Brannon, John S., 4th Sergeant
Carpenter, John, under age never served taken away by mother.
Cheuvront, Marion
Cheuvront, Moses
Clevenger, James
Cook, Peter M., not able for duty on account of wounds received in service.
Cottrell, John W. captured Jan. 10, 1864 in Roane county while on scout; pris. o war at date of muster out of Co., 1st Sergeant.
Cottrell, Thomas, service never required.
Cox, Valentine, Vol. U.S. service.
Dossen, Nimrod, Transferred from Captain Donaldson's Co.
Drake, Samuel, Vol. U.S. service
Duwise, C.O.
Dewise, W.S.
Ellison, Charles
Ellison, Francis M.
Ellison, James W., 2nd Sergeant.
Ellison, John, was prisoner of war.
Ellison, John, Jr., captured while on scout; pris of war at date of muster out of company.
Ellison, John W., prisoner of war at Richmond, Va., at date of muster out of company.
Ellison, Levi W.
Ellison, Lewis D.
Ellison, Nathan
Elsick, Andrew, Not fit for duty.
Fleming, Martin
Griffin, Hugh
Jackson, Andrew J., from the distress of his family he rendered no service.
Jones, Mathew
Jones, Nathaniel, A.W.O.L.; marked deserted.
King, Charles, Vol. in U.S. service.
King, David P., Captured Jan 10, 1864 on head of Big Sandy Creek; Roane county while on scout; confined in prison on Bunche's Hill, Monroe county, sent to Libby prison, Richmond, Va.  Parolled August 22, 1864 and sent to Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md. discharged Sept 15, 1864, or near that time, at Wheeling, W. Va.
Long, Jacob
McMellion, Mathew
Miller, John W., discharged for disobedience.
Moore, Joshua K., never served under age and mother refused to let him serve.
Moore, Owen
Moore, Wm. H.
Mullen, George W., captured Jan 10, 1864 in Roane county, while on scout; paroled prisoner of war.
O'Brien, John.  Vol. in U.S. service.
O'Brien, John M., Vol. in U.S. service.
O'Brien, Miles, Vol. in U.S. service.
Osburn, George W.
Payne, James M.
Taylor, Alexander
Wilson, Joseph
Wines, Samuel, discharged on account of disobedience
Wines, Thomas, discharged on account of disobedience.

The above named men are enrolled as from Calhoun excepting Wayne Adkins, Frank W. Anderson, John J. Belcher and John Carpenter who are shown as enrolled from Kanawha county.