Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part X
By Louis E. Ayers


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 6/2/1927.

The following muster roll of Company E, Fourteenth Virginia Cavalry, Army of the Confederate States of America, has been furnished to the Chronicle through the courtesy of Boyd R. Stutler, former editor of the Grantsville News, now of Charleston.

Mr. Stutler always has taken a great interest in the history of Calhoun county and has gathered several volumious notes and documents on that subject which it is hoped will sometime be published in book form, as its reading would prove extremely interesting to the public of Calhoun and adjoining counties.  The copy of Captain Knotts muster roll was secured by Mr. Stutler from Virginia State Library at Richmond, being a photostat copy from the archives of the war department.  Mr. Stutler also owns a photostat copy of the roster.

The roll follows:

Absolom Knotts, Captain, Prisoner

(Listing gives Name, Rank, Place of enlistment, Other pertinent information)


Absolom Knotts, Captain, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of War.
A.H. Bailey, 1st Lt., Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Jno. A. Feamster, 2nd Lt., Lewisburg.
G.T. Nickell, 3rd Lt., Lewisburg.  Commanding Company.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Nickell, J.H., 1st Sgt., Lewisburg.  Absent of horse detail.
McClearn, Alt, 2nd Sgt., Lewisburg.  Absent sick.
McCoy, J.C., 3rd Sgt., Lewisburg.  Absent sick.
Pollock, J.F., 4th Sgt., Lewisburg.
Duffy, F.H.H., 5th Sgt., Lewisburg.
Rodgers, N.P., 1st Corp., Lewisburg.
Young, J.C., 2nd Corp., Lura, Va.
Rowan, C.L., 3rd Corp., Port Republic.
Handley, J.B., 4th Corp., Lewisburg.


Arnold, John, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Beard, Samuel, Lwisburg.  Prisoner of war.
Brackman, Lewis, Lewisburg.  Absent sick.
Bailey, William, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Barr, Thomas, Lewisburg.  Absent sick.
Bright, J.K., Lewisburg.  On D.S., Q.M. Dept., Echols Brigade.
Bell, F.C., Lewisburg.  On D.S, courier for Gen. Lenox.
Burns, Marshall, Lewisburg.
Ballard, Hugh, Levosay Mills.  On D.S. Provost Guard.
Boyd. P.C., Winchester.
Bailey, Jody, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Brannon, , Abe Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Brannon, Jacob, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Campbell, J.S., Lewisburg.  D.S. with Gen. Echols.
Creigh, Fred, Lewisburg.  Paroled prisoner.
Creigh, Fred, Goff Mills.  Absent sick.
Conolly, Isaac, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Cadle, Nathan, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Dickson, F.H., Lewisburg.  Clerk for Dr. Hunter.  Medical Director.
Fleshman, Royal, Lewisburg.
Goodloe, J.B., Lewisburgh.  On D.S., courier for Gen. Lomax.
Gillenwater, Josh, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Hartsook, J.F., Lewisburg.
Henchline, Samuel, Lewisburg.  D.S., on light duty.
Jarrett, Leonard, Lewisburg.
Johnson, Alex, Union.
Jarvis, Calib, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Kincaid, William R., Lewisburg.
Knotts, R., Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Kesshner, J.M., Lura, Va.
Knopp, A.G., Page Valley.  On horse detail.
Lewis, Hesk, Lewisburg.  Absent sick.
McClung, H.C., Lewisburg.
McClung, Dick, Lewisburg.  Absent wounded.
McClung, J.A., Lewisburg.
McClung, J.H., Lewisburg.  Absent sick.
McCumbers, W., Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Nickell, C.A., Lewisburg.
Nicely, Anthony, Lewisburg.  Paroled prisoner.
Neal, J.H., Lewisburg.
Nickell, J.T., Lewisburg.
Ogden, Osbourne, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Patton, J.M., Lewisburg.
Patton, Ap, Lewisburg.
Porterfield, R.J., Lovesay Mills.
Patton, E.E., Lura, Va.  On D.S., horse detail.
Parsons, Joseph, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Ruckman, Shep, Lewisburg.  Absent sick.
Renick, F.A., Lewisburg.  Prisoner of war.
Read, William B., Lewisburg.  D.S., Q.M. Dept., Gen. Echols.
Rowan, J.W., Port Republic
Siers, Elijah, Calhoun Co.  Prisoner of war.
Smiley, J.W., Page Valley.  Prisoner of war.
Vineyard, Robert, Calhoun Co.
Wright, Samuel, Calhoun Co.  On E.D., teamster, absent.
Woods, J.G., Lewisburg.
Woodward, J.R., Lewisburg.  Wounded.
Withrow, E.D., Lewisburg  Prisoner of war.


Johnston, Wm. R., Lewisburg.  Deserted Dec. 9, 1864.
Levesay, John, Lewisburg.  Deserted Sept. 24, 1864.
Wakupp, Marshall, Lewisburg.  Deserted Nov. 7, 1864.

Present for duty             26
On detached service      12
Absent sick                    10
Prisoners of war             23

Total                               71

Company mustered by Lieut. Geo. H. St. Clair, C.S.A., near Stanardsville, Va., Dec. 31, 1864.  Discipline and instruction, fair.  Military appearance, good.  Arms, Accoutrements, overcoats and blankets needed.

(Of the original company recruited and commanded by Captain A. Knotts, but one man, Robert Vineyard, remained for duty at the date of this muster.)

The following members of Company E., 14th Cavalry, C.S.A., were not shown on the muster role of December 31, 1864.  (Source:  Virginia State Library, Richmond.)

Deweese, Bailess C., 1st Lt., Calhoun Co.
Dewhart, S.T., 2nd Lt., Calhoun Co.
Ogden, Robert, 2nd Corp., Calhoun Co.
Butler, Thomas J., 3rd Corp., Calhoun Co.
Smith, John J., 4th Corp., Calhoun Co.


Cottrell, Jackson, Calhoun Co.
Cadle, Thomas, Calhoun Co.
Cottrell, Evan T., Calhoun Co.
Cottrell, Silas, Calhoun Co.  Died at Salem, Va. Jan 29, 1863
Dauglas, Daniel, Calhoun Co.  Died at Salem, Va. Feb. 9, 1863.
Dick, Stephen, Calhoun Co.
Helmick, Hutson M., Calhoun Co.
Hensley, Aaron, Calhoun Co.
Jarvis, Thomas B., Calhoun Co.  Died at Salem, Va., Feb 21, 1863.
Jarvis, George H., Calhoun Co.
Jarvis, Caleb, Jr., Calhoun Co.
Lain, Louis, Calhoun Co.
Loury, John W., Calhoun Co.
Siers, John W., Calhoun Co.
Smarr, Jesse V., Calhoun Co.
Stevenson, William L., Greenbrier.
Tanner, James, Greenbrier.
Barkhamer, George, Calhoun Co.
Cadle, Clark, Calhoun Co.
Cadle, James, Calhoun Co.
Lowers, William H., Calhoun Co.
Lowers, Abraham, Calhoun Co.
Valentine, Henry, Calhoun Co.
Preston, Thomas C.
Gabbert, C.H.
Arbuckle, A.P.
Augden, Beirn.
Bell, M.M.
Johnston, John.
McClung, William.
Martin, Thomas.
Neal, Thomas.
Propps, N.P.
Rodgers, N.P.
Renick, C.B.
Renick, Robert.
Siers, Samuel.
Smith, John.
Snyder, William H.
Teass, Thomas.