Calhoun County in the Civil War from 1927
Part XI
By Louis E. Ayers


Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from microfilm of the Calhoun Chronicle dated 6/16/1927.

In our last issue we reprinted that part of the proceedings of the constitutional convention of 1861-63 which had to do with the seating of Delegate Job Robinson, who was selected from Calhoun county.  However, we omitted to give proper credit for this.  The article was dug out of the state archives by Boyd B. Stutler from the manuscript of the journal and debates of the convention, never having been printed in any form.

The article was particularly interesting to readers of the Chronicle in Calhoun county and we have heard many comments on the same.  It was not much trouble in those stirring days to cut a little red tape and Delegate Robinson had little trouble in getting his seat.  He probably represented the county very creditably, although his election appears to have been rather irregular, to say the least.

The following is a roster of Company A, 19th Virginia Cavalry, which was commanded by Capt. George Downs, and which was better known as "The Moccasin Rangers."  This list is also furnished by Mr. Stutler, who secured his data and information form the Virginia State Library at Richmond.

(Listing contains Name, Rank, Place of enlistment, Other pertinent information)

Downs, George, Captain, Calhoun Co., Captured at Big Bend July 1, 1861; Rejd Co.; Promoted Major.
Houchin, John, 1st Lieut, Calhoun Co., Elected Lt. Feb. 14, 1862.
Longe, Lewis, 2nd Lieut., Calhoun Co.
Harris, William, 2nd Lieut, Killed June 29, 1863; Capt at Big Bend July 2, 1862, rejd Co.


Sampson, Harvey G., 1st Sgt., Calhoun.
Morgan, James U., 2nd Sgt., Calhoun Co.
Wilson, James, 3rd Sgt., Calhoun Co.
Ball, Emory, 4th Sgt., Calhoun Co.
Trippett, Philip, 1st Corpl, Calhoun Co., Deserted at Lewisburg Feb 15, 1863.
Bryan, James C., 2nd Corpl, Calhoun Co.
Douglas, Martin, 3rd Corpl, Calhoun Co., Wounded and crippled for life.
Smith, Joshua, 4th Corpl., Calhoun Co., Detached Dec. 20, 1862.


Ash, Daniel, Vicksburg
Arnett, Waitman T.,Vicksburg
Burgess, Elijah C., Died and buried in Rock Island, Ill.  Detailed as Commissary Sgt.
Brooks, Andrew T., Calhoun Co.
Booker, Jonathan, Greenbrier.
Burson, Joseph W., Calhoun Co.,  Killed, Arnoldsburg, May 6, 1862.
Bunner, John E., Calhoun Co.
Bureus, Wm. (Burrows), Calhoun Co.  Captured.
Belt, Jasper, Calhoun Co.
Burdett, Lewis P., Vicksburg.
Burdett, J.J., Vicksburg.
Boone, Thomas, Nicholas.  Died, Bath Alum Sprgs Jan. 9, 1863.
Brannon, John Jr., Nicholas.
Brannon, Henry, Nicholas.  Died at Columbus, O.  Buried in Camp Chase, Confederate cemetery.
Bishop, Moses L., Nicholas.
Ball, James W.
Barber, James.
Barting, Isaac.  Died at Columbus, O., and buried at Camp Chase, Confederate cemetery.
Childers, Francis, Vicksburg.
Cool, Archibald, Vicksburg.  Died Wytheville, Jan. 23, 1863.
Conley, William, Pocahontas.  Captured Jan. 28, 1863.
Clemens, Josiah, Greenbrier.
Carpenter, James A., Pocahontas.
Creel, George.
Custer, James P.
Casto, Manley.
Conway, L.D.  Died in prison at Johnson Island and buried there.
Cane, Commodore.  Died at Columbus, O., and buried at Camp Chase, Confederate cemetery.
Cummings, G.W.  Died in prison at Johnson Island, O., and buried there.
Douglas, Joshua, Calhoun Co.
Duskey, Andrew, Calhoun Co.  Killed, Jackson Co., Jan. 17, 1863.
Dent, Alpheus, Calhoun Co.  Wounded June 11; died July 17, 1862.
Davis, Owen V.B., Nicholas.
Dusky, George.
Dent, James.  Died and buried at Point Lookout, Md.
Ellyson, Franklin, Calhoun Co.
Figgens, Thomas.
Ferrell, Thomas, Pocahontas
Fleming, Alfred W., Calhoun Co.  Died in Fayette Co., Dec. 9, 1862.
Greathouse, Wm. W., Calhoun Co.
Goff, Alexander, Calhoun Co.
Greathouse, Jesse, Calhoun Co.
Greathouse, Samuel, Calhoun Co.
Gibson, George, Calhoun Co. Captured Dec. 23, 1861 at Ripley, Jackson county.
Gainer, Sylvester, Pocahontas.
Goff, Thomas, Calhoun Co.
Goff, Thomas R., Webster.  Died, Jackson, Miss., Sept. 20, 1862.
Gibson, David, Calhoun Co.
Heater, Thomas B., Vicksburg.
Hefner, John W., Calhoun Co.
Hefner, James, Greenbrier.
Hamrick, Asa, Calhoun Co.
Hackert, Adam A., Calhoun Co.
Hackert, Henry H., Calhoun Co.
Hannah, Joseph W., Calhoun Co.
Hays, Perry G., Calhoun Co.
Jackson, Edward, Pocahontas.
Joseph, Moses W., Greenbrier.
Kiger, Hugh, Greenbrier.
Kearns, Elisha, Calhoun Co.
Kelley, James, Pocahontas.
Kester, Marcellus J., Calhoun Co.
Keaster, Jacob C.
Lake, James P., Vicksburg.
Leeson, John, Greenbrier.  Reported a deserter on last roll by Lt. Houchin.  Not true; taken prisoner, exchanged and returned to Co.
Leeson, Nathaniel, Greenbrier.  Same as above.
Lowers, William H., Greenbrier.
Lowers, Abraham, Greenbrier.  Reported absent without leave on last roll;  he was a prisoner at that time, escaped and rejd. Co.
Lee, John B.
Lemon, Elisha, Pocahontas.  Captured.
Lemon, Philip P., Pocahontas.  Captured.
Lowers, John W., Greenbrier.
Long, John E.,  3 yrs--wounded at Bedford.  Died at Columbus, O., and buried at Camp Chase, Confederate cemetery.
Martin, George.
Moore, Jonathan, Calhoun Co.  Wounded and prisoner at Camp Chase.
Mace, Peter P., Nicholas.
Martin, Joshua H., Calhoun Co.
Martin, Joseph, Calhoun Co.
Moore, Samuel, Calhoun Co.  Captured Oct 14, 1862.
Marks, John, Vicksburg.
Maze, Thomas S., Calhoun Co.
Maze, George W., Calhoun Co.
Maze, Alfred P., Calhoun Co.
Maze, Joseph, Greenbrier.
Monroe, James, Calhoun Co.
Monroe, Asa A., Greenbrier.
McCune, Timothy, Calhoun Co.
McCune, Paulson G., Calhoun Co.
Moore, John, Calhoun Co.,  Captured Oct. 14, 1862, died in hands of enemy.
Merrill, John, Vicksburg.
Monroe, Thomas, Calhoun Co.
Minter, M.M., Greenbrier.
Morton, John.
Morton, Robert.
Malcomb, J.  Died and buried at Point Lookout, Md.
Newcomb, George W., Greenbrier.
Nutter, Albert, Calhoun Co.
Nutter, Joseph, Calhoun Co.
Nutter, Levi, Calhoun Co.
Nelson, George (or Wilson), Calhoun.  Killed on West Fork of Little Kanawha, Dec. 15, 1861.
O'Bryan, John M., Nicholas.
O'Bryan, Miles, Nicholas.
Propst, Noah W., Vicksburg.
Rollins, Harrison C., Calhoun Co.
Riffle, Anthony, Vicksburg.  Deserted Feb. 1, 1863.
Riffle, Isaac, Vicksburg,.  Deserted Feb. 1, 1863.
Rogers, Seth, Calhoun Co.  Died, Jackson, Miss. Sept 20, 1862.
Roberts, William J., Calhoun Co.  Deserted Dec. 20, 1862.
Rader, Wallace, Greenbrier.
Ratcliff, John M., Greenbrier.
Roane, David, Calhoun Co.  Killed Aug. 20, 1862 Calhoun county.
Rogers, Robert M., Calhoun Co.
Rogers, John, Calhoun Co.  Died at Columbus, O., and buried at Camp Chase, Confederate cemetery.
Robinson, John H., Pocahontas.  Captured Dec 24, 1862.
Roberts, Andrew J., Calhoun Co.  Deserted Dec. 20, 1862.
Rafferty, Patrick, Vicksburg.
Rutledge, John A.  Died at Columbus, O., and buried at Camp Chase, Confederate cemetery.
Smith, Barnes, Calhoun Co.  Wounded, Webster Co., June 11, 1863.
Smith, James L., Calhoun Co.
Smith, Samuel.
Smith, Amos, Calhoun Co.
Smith, James E., Vicksburg.
Stallman, William, Calhoun Co.
Starcher, John, Calhoun Co.
Starcher, Henry, Calhoun Co.
Starcher, Jacob P., Calhoun Co.
Stallman, Geo. W., Calhoun Co.  Died, Greenbrier Co. Nov. 15, 1862.
Smith, William J., Pocahontas.
Stump, George G.,Pocahontas.  Captured.
Starcher, Hezekiah, Pocahontas.
Starcher, Isaac, Jr., Pocahontas.
Starcher, Thomas, Pocahontas.
Starcher, Alfred, Pocahontas.
Stallman, Alfred, Pocahontas.
Starcher, Peter, Calhoun Co.
Slider, Joseph, Monroe.
Starcher, Philip, Greenbrier.
Silcott, George W., Greenbrier.
Smarr, Jesse, Calhoun Co.
Stanley, Barcus, Calhoun Co.
Sears, John, Greenbrier.
Sharp, George B.  Died at Columbus, O., and buried in Camp Chase Confederate cemetery.
Tanner, Loerenzo, Calhoun Co.
Tanner, Joshua, Greenbrier.  Captured Dec. 6, 1862.
Trippett, Franklin, Webster.
Trippett, Caleb, Calhoun Co.
Turner, Emmitt C., Webster.
Tennant, Alpheus, Calhoun Co.  Captured; returned to Co. July 10, 1863.
Tibbs, Francis M., Calhoun Co.
Townsend, Albert, Pocahontas.
Taylor, Levi J.
Tibbs, Eugenius, Greenbrier.
Tucker, Jams M., Calhoun Co.
Viars, Matthew, Greenbrier.
Wilson, William C., Calhoun Co.
Wright, Andrew J., Calhoun Co.
Wilson, Robert, Calhoun Co.
Wilson, Joseph, Vicksburg.
Wines, Richard W., Vicksburg.
Warner, Adam, Vicksburg.
Williams, Hugh, Vicksburg.
Wain, Henry.  Died at Camp Dennison, O., Buried in Camp Chase cemetery.


In this roster it will be noted that entries are made for enlistments "Vicksburg, Dec. 6, 1862," and two deaths at "Jackson, Miss."  This is probably an error in transcribing the roll.  Enlistments made just before and just after December 6, 1862, show the company to have been operating in southwestern West Virginia  The correct entry probably should be Lewisburg for the enlistments, and Jackson County, Va., for the two deaths noted.  Of the enlistments noted at Vicksburg several were well known Calhoun county residents, Peregrine Hays, sheriff; George W. Silcott, county clerk, were both residents of Arnoldsburg;  several of the Starchers and other distinctive Calhoun families can be pointed out. - B.B.S.